Learning objectives for chapter 13
Learn how to declare an initially empty array-based list of a given capacity.
Learn how to search an array-based list.
Learn how to sort an array-based list.
Learn how to share an array-based list with a function.
  Learning objective(s) addressed
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13.1 Name Sorter PDF XXX 
13.2 Over-Under Guessing Game, v.3.0 PDF XX  
13.3 MP3 Shuffler, v.1.0 PDF XX  

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13.1 List of Presidents PY [ TXT: input file ] X XX

13.1 Click HERE for a YouTube-like video that compares and contrasts arrays with array-based lists. Its running time is 15 minutes. XXX 

Code from the chapter in order of their appearance in the text
A List Of Test Scores A List Of Names A List Of Student Objects Adding Values To A List
listFile.py many.txt A Counting Search Loop For AL ist A Boolean Search Loop For A List
Finding The Max/Min Value Of A List sortFileList.py An Averaging Function Removing The Last-Added Value
students.txt studentList.py    

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