Learning objectives for chapter 3
Learn how to declare variables and assign values to them.
Learn how to perform simple math operations and store the results in variables.
Learn what "concatenation" is and how to apply it to text.
Produce console output showing values stored in variables, with text labels.
Write a program "from scratch" to solve a given problem.
  Learning objective(s) addressed
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3.1 Variables Names PDF X    
3.2 Variables And Values PDF X  X 
3.3 My City, v.1.0 PDF X  XX
3.4 Making Change, v.1.0 PDF XX X 
3.5 My Days PDF XX XX

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3.1 Average Age PDF [ JAVAs: solution #1 | solution #2 | solution #3 ] XX X 
3.2 Form Letter PDF [ JAVAs: solution #1 | solution #2 ] X XX 

3.1 Click HERE for a YouTube-like video that shows the steps you should imitate in writing the algorithms and code to complete these labs. This video is 20 minutes long. It's programming language is Java, and it's on a Mac. But the principles it demonstrates are language- and system-independent. XX XX

Code from the chapter in order of their appearance in the text
Declarations.java FormLtr.java UninitializedVariables.java
AvgAge.java FormLtr2.java HotChocolate.java

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