Learning objectives for chapter 5
Learn how to get console input into a program, for all 4 data types.
Learn how to prompt the user to enter input.
Learn how to interrupt a running console program and cause it to terminate.
  Learning objective(s) addressed
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5.1 A Simple Mortgage Calculator, v.2.0 PDF XX 
5.2 About Lighthouses, v.2.0 PDF XX 
5.3 Making Change, v.2.0 PDF XX 
5.4 Temperature Conversion, v.1.0 PDF XX 
5.5 My Savings Plan, v.2.0 PDF XX 
5.6 Programs With Multiple Data Entries PDF XXX

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5.1 Using Console Input Code Blocks For Each Of The Four Data Types JAVA X  

5.1 Click HERE for a YouTube-like video that shows how to develop code using console keyboard input. It's running time is 11 minutes, and it uses C++ on a Windows system, with JNotePad and Visual Studio in command line mode. It introduces the templates in JNotePad for creating new JAVA files and for inserting code blocks for console data entry. XX 

Code from the chapter in order of their appearance in the text
YourAge.java ItsAboutYou.java

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