Learning objectives for chapter 4
Learn how to use built-in math functions in Java.
Learn how division with whole numbers works.
Learn how to use a whole number where a floating point number is required.
Learn how to round-off floating point numbers in console output.
Learn what are "code blocks" and how to use them to organize code.
  Learning objective(s) addressed
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4.1 A Simple Mortgage Calculator, v.1.0 PDF X  XX
4.2 About Lighthouses, v.1.0 PDF X  XX
4.3 My Savings Plan, v.1.0 PDF X  XX
4.4 Division With Whole Numbers PDF  X X 

Samples Right-click (or control-click on a Mac) the title to save its JAVA file to your system.  
4.1 Rounding To The Nearest Penny JAVA X  X 
4.2 Rounding To The Nearest Whole Number JAVA X  X 

4.1 Click HERE for a YouTube-like video that shows how to use the built-in math function for square root. This video is 13 minutes long. It's programming example is done in both Java and C++, on a Mac. XX XX

Code from the chapter in order of their appearance in the text
AmortizationCalc.java AmortizationCalc2.java

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