Learning objectives for chapter 6
Learn to use the if-statement to skip over statements in case conditions are not met.
Learn to use if-else logic to select one set of statements or another depending on conditions being met.
Learn to combine comparisons with and-logic and or-logic, using the && and || operators.
Learn how to implement validation loops to gather valid console input.
Learn how to repeat code using a while-true-if-break loop.
  Learning objective(s) addressed
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6.1 Three-Question Quiz, v.1.0 PDF X    
6.2 Input Validation PDF XX X 
6.3 Making Change, v.3.0 PDF X    
6.4 Temperature Conversion, v.2.0 PDF     X
6.5 Coin Toss, v.1.0 PDF XX   
6.6 Over-Under Guessing Game, v.1.0 PDF X    
6.7 Over-Under Guessing Game, v.2.0 PDF X   X
6.8 The Game Of War, v.1.0 PDF X    

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6.1 About For-loops PDF XX   

6.1 Click HERE for a YouTube-like video that shows how to develop code and algorithms with if-logic. It's 19 minutes long, with most of it covering the development of an algorithm to solve a problem. The code development is in Java (on a Mac), but it's use of the if-statement and else-if logic is exactly the same as it would be in C++, so it's suitable for students of any computer language.  XX  

Code from the chapter in order of their appearance in the text
OneToTen.java Rumpelstiltskin.java GradeB.java PassingGrade.java PassNoPass.java PassingGradeL.java
PassingGradeIB.java TempConvert.java Quiz.java ThereYet.java CrossTheRoad.java Grades.java  

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